Charles Wayne Humble and Voice Stress 

On 31 August 2021, Charles Wayne Humble, the man behind the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), a device marketed to law enforcement agencies, files for chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of his company, NITV, LLC.

NITV has admitted in court that the “computerised voice stress analyser is not capable of lie detection”.

A number of scientific studies conducted by the US Department of Defence concluded there is no reliable connection between micro tremors in the voice and attempts at deception and that voice stress analysis for deception detection had no reliable basis in real-world applications and was no better than chance.

The National Institue of Justice funded a study to evaluate two of the most popular VSA software programs in a real-world (that is, nonlaboratory) setting in which jeopardy—the threat of penalty— was present. The study found that the average accuracy rate of these programs in detecting deception regarding drug use was approximately 50 percent—about as accurate as flipping a coin.