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Paul Manning - Staff Theft

I used Paul Woolleys polygraph service to investigate a $2000 theft for which a number of staff were suspected, it worked in weeding out the guilty party, I would do it again. Tests should be a condition of employment. The shortfalls have stopped. Paul Manning Manager

Katrina Auld - Child Sexual Abuse Case

Dear Mr Paul Woolley, I am writing to inform you that Mr John Auld testified in the court of law on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 of being guilty for charges in which you helped bring out. I wanted to thank you and let you know that it was with your help that the truth came out. Now I only can hope that he will get the help he needs, and my sister the victim can now move on with her life knowing that he has finally taken responsibility for what he has done. Again I cannot thank you enough, but wanted to inform you of a “happy outcome”. Kind Regards Katrina Auld

Scott Watson - Work Cover Claim

Hi Paul ..After reading your report I was so glad I found you.thanks. I met the dead line of 4pm yesterday . I had a phone call conforming that the commissioner received my list of documents and my lie test results…. the commissioner said thank you for lie test???hope that means that my results will be viewed. Thanks again Scott

Bill B - Spouse Cheated

If you’re thinking about getting one done – DO IT! My wife of 12 years was accused of cheating with my brother, by my other brother. After a lot of arguing I was left without an answer and decided to give her benefit of the doubt – “not my wife, she wouldn’t do that”.  I just couldn’t get that slight doubt out of my head though, and was constantly having visual thoughts of them together. I knew I had to find out the truth. After hooking up with Paul Woolley, I told my wife she had to take a test. She was upset at first but was then very positive about it. Her positive attitude made me positive of a good result – but for me it wasn’t to be. She failed completely and admitted to paul my brother and her had sex. Paul was very professional and I recommend him to anybody in Australia – thank you Paul… if you are thinking about getting one done, do it – BUT make sure you’re ready to hear things you don’t want to hear. As Paul and I spoke about, even when they are caught – they may still deny, so you need to decide “I will believe the machine, no matter what” before you go there.

Husband was cheating for years.

I was really impressed with your interview of me separately & the empathy you showed to both of us after the test. I would recommend you to any betrayed partner who is dealing with constant lies. I wish we would have had it sooner would have saved 5 months of denial & lies, which in the long term does nothing to solve or give the betrayed partner any trust or the marriage a chance to heal. The sooner this test is done the better for both parties & the possibility of saving a marriage. This is only possible with complete honesty & even though it was not the answer I wanted it proved he was lying. If you would like to use any of this in your referrals on your web it is fine with me & Craig.

Thank you Paul,


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